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creative Change-Maker disrupting the status quo

Bringing human intuition to email.


I joined IBM Design in October 2015 as a member of IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS), a B2B/SaaS division that develops enterprise messaging and content-collaboration software for knowledge workers.

During the first year and a half, I helped lead Verse Mail and Calendar into the cognitive era by leveraging machine learning to visualize the future intuition of messaging on web and mobile platforms.


I created this introductory video as a contextual primer for my design explorations below.


Cognitive Inbox

web + Mobile

Analyzes user behaviors with machine learning to stack related emails in a way that minimizes context-switching for increased focus


Suggested Recipients

web + mobile

Makes email composition a breeze by analyzing communication patterns to suggest the most relevant recipients to address on an email


Message Threads 

mobile android

Turns a fragmented inbox into a series of fluid conversations by tying together messages and their reply chains

Calendar Refresh

mobile android

Keeps users on schedule in a more functional and stylish way while they're on-the-go


Connecting people, places, and things.


After a year and a half on Verse, I found myself promoted to ICS Connections, IBM’s enterprise software for organizational networking, content-creation, and collaboration.

I'm currently leading the customization of a new visual design language and co-leading the UX research and design of a new content service platform. 

While in progress, the Content Service work will remain password-protected below.



Brand Customizer


Enables clients & business partners to customize IBM Connections with their own brand language so that their employees & clients can share a cohesive experience across all of their digital resources

Content Service Hub

Web + mobile

Creates a central view of content living across multiple apps so that time spent searching becomes time spent working


Supporting patients w/ Parkinson's disease.


At Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), I worked on an interdisciplinary team of 5 that empowered our client to realize her purpose as a medical device start-up by addressing white space in the biomedical wearables market for Parkinson's disease.

My human-centered research and innovative prototypes received a US Utility Patent and delivered the proof of concept that our client needed to win $25K in seed funding from Innovation Works as 1 of 6 start-ups accepted into the Pittsburgh accelerator, Alphalab Gear.




biomedical engineering design

A patented thoracic wearable that enhances the quality of life for Parkinson’s patience living with severe spinal curvature


Disrupting complex problems for sustainable futures.


At CMU, I found myself impassioned by designing products and services for "wicked problems" like social equity and environmental sustainability to name a couple. 


Corner Exchange

Urban Gentrification

An interactive platform that mobilizes transitioning communities to develop from within by facilitating co-creative experiences between community members and the redevelopers who affect change in their neighborhoods


Future mobility of goods

A goods-sharing mobility service (sponsored by Ford Motor Company) designed to maintain an infrastructure of accountability between borrowers and lenders in the future rise of megacities

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